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The last few weeks felt like navigating through a maze of numbers while finalizing budgets for 2024. Not exactly like Disneyland for those of us leaning towards the creative spectrum.

But as I punched in the final figures (hopefully they stick), a spark of inspiration hit and I also have a number for YOU this week: 5

(No, it's not the score for a half-decent gymnastics routine.)

We're shaking things up a bit. Instead of the usual three curated finds, I'm bringing you five products this time, making this newsletter 1.67 times more enlightening.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s treasure trove of European craftsmanship!

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© Robert van Embricqs

Flow Wall Desk [🇳🇱] 
In a world where clutter is the norm, the Flow Wall Desk emerges as a breath of minimalist elegance. Its sleek, fluid design not only compliments any space but provides a serene canvas for your day-to-day tasks. The clean lines and functional form echo the Dutch ethos of simplistic sophistication, making every workday feel a bit less like work and more like art in motion.

Hudson Bayerol [⚪️🔵]
Ah, the taste of Dolce Vita with a Bavarian twist! Bayerol embodies the relaxed ambiance of an Italian afternoon while holding steadfast to its robust Bavarian roots. The tale of Aperol Spritz tells us that Austro-Hungarian soldiers, finding Italian wines a tad too robust, introduced a splash of water to lighten the spirit. Fast forward to 1919, the Barbieri brothers brought to life the lighter aperitif we now know as Aperol. And here we are, with Bayerol offering a delightful concoction that marries the spirited tradition of the Aperol Spritz with Bavarian boldness.

© Frama

Frama CPH [🇩🇰]
Nestled in an old pharmacy in Copenhagen, the design maestros at Frama CPH create pieces that age gracefully with time. The Adam Stools we bought eight years ago while living in the Danish capital, have been loyal companions through the whims of daily life. They blend effortlessly into any setting, be it the kitchen, the patio, or as a quaint little table beside the couch. Their simplistic yet robust design reflects a narrative of timeless aesthetics and daily utility.

© Roberta Boffo

Roberta Boffo [🇮🇹] 
The Italian artist Roberta Boffo’s work is described as “highly detailed, subtly mind-boggling, monochromatic artwork.” A peek at her making-of videos reveals the sheer effort and passion poured into each stroke. Beyond mere decoration, every piece she crafts is a storytelling canvas, opening a window into a world of ink and imagination.

Birdie Air Quality [🇩🇰]
Drawing inspiration from the age-old miners' practice of taking a canary into the coal mines to alert them of dangerous air quality — when the bird dropped off its perch, it was a signal to get fresh air. This sleek sensor does the same in your home (but no bird gets killed). In a world where every breath counts, Birdie stands as a beacon of Danish innovation and Scandinavian design.

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