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Your Weekly Dose of European Finds

Buongiorno from Merano!

Missed me last week? I was up north in Canada, gathering some cool stuff for a special edition I'll drop soon. But for now, we're back to our regular European goodness.

This week, it's not just about products; think of them as little windows into the creativity and community vibes across the continent. From a quirky hotel in South Tyrol that's more of a playground than just a place to stay, to a London brand that's all about crafting cool jackets (but only four times a year, so it's kind of exclusive).

We're peeking into corners where imagination runs wild.

So, grab your coffee, and let's get rolling.

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© René Riller, Ottmanngut

Ottmangut [🇮🇹]
Right in Merano, South Tyrol, there's this place called Ottmangut. It's not your regular hotel; it's like a creative lab where the owners play around with new ideas, and the local community gets involved, too. It's a bit of a trendsetter, you know?

© Paynter Jackets (this is one I’m currently waiting for)

Paynter Jacket [🇬🇧]
I already featured this a while ago before this weekly mail was only about 5 products. It’s a brand from London and they create four batches of jackets each year. They’re usually sold out quite fast.

© Krivec Ales

Offline Dorf [🇦🇹]
Ever thought of just unplugging and disappearing into nature? That's what Offline Dorf in Austria is all about. Tucked away among lush valleys, it's a place to forget your phone and listen to the birds instead. Sound tempting? The next is scheduled for September 2024.

© Mink Campers

Mink Camper [🇮🇸]
So, I'm not usually into camping, but this Mink Camper designed by two Icelandic travel enthusiasts with its all-glass roof caught my eye. It's like you're out in the wild but still cozy in bed, stargazing. Europe’s majestic nature as your backdrop? Yes, please!

© F!NH

ASH by F!NH [🇬🇧]
ASH is something else – an AI-Pocket Field Guide for kids, still cooking in the development kitchen. Imagine a gadget that's all about exploring nature, like having a simple smartphone with just one feature. It's not out yet, but the idea alone is pretty neat.

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