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From Europe With Love 👀 5 Products from Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland

Dope Item Dispatch

Buongiorno from Merano!

As the mountain tops begin to hint at winter, we're still enjoying those sunny afternoons down here in the valley (just not today and yesterday 🌧️).

And even when the sun’s out, it's a race against time, as it’s disappearing behind the ridgeline by 3 pm already.

That's why I'm intrigued by this week's first product – a sun-mimicking light. It's an appealing find, especially with these shorter days right now. However, the price is a bit on the higher side. Maybe thinking of it as a piece of art could make it more tempting…🤔

Anyway, get comfy with your beverage of choice, and let's delve into this week’s selection.

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© Sunne, Marjan van Aubel

Sunne Solar Light [🇳🇱]
Created by Marjan van Aubel, a Dutch solar designer, Sunne is a fusion of art and sustainability. This self-powered solar light elegantly brings the essence of sunlight indoors, beautifully capturing the changing light from sunrise to sunset.

© Miniforms

Miniforms' Pinto Table [🇮🇹] 
When Milanese creativity meets concrete, you get Francesco Faccin's Pinto table. It's where traditional Italian craftsmanship gets a modern makeover. Miniforms is striking a balance between function and 'wow, that’s a nice table!' It’s a slice of Italy, minus the gelato. (Even though the finishes are called Anice, Hazelnut and Stracciatella.) 

© Loopy Lamp

Loopy Lamp [🇳🇱] 
The Netherlands again: Designed by the Dutch graphic duo Mary & Pieter, the handmade Loopy Lamp casts playful light and shadow, adding a modern artistic touch to any space. Handmade with a unique looping structure, it transforms any room into a modern art exhibit.

© Tres Aromas

Tres Aromas Lebkuchen [🇩🇪] 
Ah, it’s that Lebkuchen time of year again! I just got almonds, hazelnuts, spices and candied oranges and will be rolling up my sleeves today to try making them at home, but let's be real, it's a gamble. Last year, I played it safe with Tres Aromas from Nuremberg. Especially their Olive Noir flavor is like a holiday in a bite. If my home-baked batch flops, you'll know where I'm heading back…

© Manument

Leva Machine [🇨🇭] 
Imagine a Swiss barista champion and a team of engineers having a coffee date. The result? The Manument Leva Machine. It kinda looks as if Berkel now made a move into the specialty coffee world. But it's Swiss precision meeting serious coffee chops, using fancy medical-grade stuff to give your espresso a futuristic twist.

That's all folks!

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See you sooner or later — Jakob

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