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© Jacques Monneraud

Jacques Monneraud’s Pitchers [🇫🇷]

These pitchers by Jacques Monneraud might look like cardboard prototypes, but they’re actually handcrafted ceramic pieces fired at 1270°C. The “tape” is glazed ceramic, adding a clever touch. They’re watertight but delicate, perfect for decorative use rather than daily tableware. Check them out here.

© Kühn Keramik & Süper Store

Kühn Keramik & Süper Store Monkey Plate Set [🇩🇪]

Check out these quirky Monkey Plates from Kühn Keramik in collaboration with Süper Store in Berlin. This 4-piece set is anything but ordinary, adding a fun and playful touch to your table. Curious? See them here.

© Solari Lineadesign

Solari Lineadesign Cifra 3 Clock [🇮🇹]

From Italy, the Cifra 3 Clock by Solari Lineadesign is a timeless piece (haha). This flip clock is a nod to retro design, blending vintage charm with modern functionality. And it’s patent dates back to the ‘60s. It’s perfect for adding a stylish touch to any room. Want to see what I mean? Check it out here.

@ Vallon

Vallon Waylons Sunglasses [🇸🇪]

I’ve already recommended Vallon's ski goggles, and now I’m loving their Waylons sunglasses. I scratched a pair on the beach last week but will definitely buy them again. Stylish, durable, and perfect for any adventure – nature or city. Check them out here.

© We Are Rewind

We Are Rewind Cassette Player [🇫🇷]

Feeling nostalgic? Meet the Cassette Player from We Are Rewind in Paris. This isn’t just any cassette player – it’s a modern take on a classic, perfect for reliving those mixtape days with high-quality sound. Curious to bring back the '80s? Check it out here.

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