From Europe with Love 👀 June 21, 2024

Check out the 5 coolest products and brands I saw in the last 7 days...

Buongiorno from Reggio Emilia!

I'm cruising through Italy on my way to Tuscany and have stumbled upon some epic finds this week.

If you’re new around here: Every week, I share 5 of the coolest products from Europe I’ve seen in the past 7 days.

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© Ethimo

Outdoor Gym [🇮🇹]
Ethimo's Out-Fit Palestra turns your backyard into a stylish gym. Who says you can't work out with a view? Check it out here.


Miniot Black Wheel [🇳🇱]
From the Netherlands, the Miniot Black Wheel is a minimalist record player masterpiece. Ready to spin? Dive in here.


Bahco Storage Hub [🇸🇪]
Straight from Sweden, the Bahco Storage Hub Tool Trolley makes sure you look like you know exactly where everything is (even if you don’t). Ready to get rolling? 

©Charline Robach

Fermentation Pot [🇫🇷]
From France, Charline Robach’s Fermentation Pot adds elegance to fermenting sauerkraut and Korean cheong (try it with rhubarb👌). 
Discover more here. 


Transparent Speaker [🇸🇪]
Sweden again! The Transparent Speaker is a feast for the eyes and ears. With its crystal-clear design, it brings both style and stellar sound to any space. It’s like your music is floating in mid-air! Curious how it sounds?

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