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Buongiorno from San Vincenzo!

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If you’re new around here: Every week, I share 5 of the coolest products from Europe I’ve seen in the past 7 days.

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© Elite

Fuoripista by Elite [🇮🇹]

I discovered the indoor bike Fuoripista by Elite during a recent trip to Padova. An exercise bike perfect for those who want to stay fit and stylish (even when it gets dust-covered in your sleeping room). Curious? Check it out here.

© Bold Beans

Bold Beans [🇪🇸]

I’m not usually a huge bean eater, but Bold Beans from Spain has me reconsidering. They take beans to a whole new level, making them gourmet and delicious. Next time I make hummus, I will definitely give their chick peas a try. Dive into their world here.

© Veark

Veark BK22 [designed in 🇩🇰 & made in 🇩🇪]

I came across the BK22 bread knife from Danish brand Veark. It is forged from a single piece of stainless steel, making it both robust and beautiful. With its 22 cm blade, it’s particularly useful for smaller loaves. See it for yourself here.

© Vincent Bal

Vincent Bal’s Doodles [🇧🇪]

I’ve got a few of Vincent’s drawings, like "The Key to Happiness" and they always make me smile. This whimsical print from Belgium is all about finding joy in the little things. It’s like having a piece of happiness hanging on your wall. Take a look here.

© Para Para Umbrellas

Para Para Umbrella [🇬🇧]

Currently, I'm enjoying the Tuscan sun, but I've had my share of rainy days this spring in the Alps. That’s why I’m eyeing the Para Para Umbrella from Devon, UK. It’s stylish, sturdy, and perfect for when the weather turns. Definitely on my list for the next rainy season. Check it out here.

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