From Europe with Love 👀 Nature's Call: This Week's Picks

Gear up for a rustic adventure!

Hey – It’s Jakob.

Navigating the waters of European bureaucracy landed me back at square one with my angler credentials in South Tyrol. Apparently, a German license is just a fish out of water here.

But, with fresh Italian paperwork now in hand since Monday, the allure of the outdoors has reeled me in – influencing each pick of this week's product selection.

Dive in, and enjoy the haul!

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© Heimplanet

Heimplanet (🇩🇪)
Unearth a realm where innovation meets adventure with Heimplanet, an outdoor brand rooted in Hamburg​. With just a pump (and no more tent pole hassle), the Cave tent invites you to experience the outdoors with a touch of simplicity and a dash of style. It's not just a shelter, but a geodesic dome that stands as a testament to forward-thinking outdoor gear​​.

Alpengummi - © Natalia Garacez

Alpengummi (🇦🇹)
Step aside, conventional chewing gums! Alpengummi is challenging the norm. Did you know that conventional chewing gums are crafted from synthetic polymers (which, btw, linger in nature for ages)? Alpengummi, on the other hand, takes us back to the roots, using natural tree resins that have been chewed for thousands of years. Their commitment to the environment doesn't stop at the product; also their packaging is all about sustainability. It's a chew with a purpose – from the Alps.


Toucan Table Tennis (🇩🇪)
Just the other day, someone shared that during their time in Berlin, they discovered table tennis to be not just a game, but a way of life. (I’m still not sure what they actually meant.) But a Toucan racket is possibly the most aesthetic ticket to unleashing the ping pong wizard in you! Crafted with eco-loving materials, you're not merely smashing the ball; you're smashing antiquated norms, making every game a stride towards a greener tomorrow. So, feel the Berlin rhythm, and let this racket steer your winning spree!

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