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Hey – It’s Jakob.

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Guess what? The newsletter is BACK (again).

This time I’m keeping things crisp and zesty, zooming in on the section that got the most attention in the past: product discovery.

Each week (give or take), I'll be your guide to three under-the-radar products that have dazzled me. Things I wish I’d created.

So, what makes them special?

Most of the time it will be the products themselves, but it might as well be their spellbinding storytelling, their raison d'être, their jaw-dropping designs, their catchy website lingo, or some next-level experiences.

And while my heart leans towards European finds, I've got eyes everywhere. So, expect some global treasures too.

Dive into today's picks and enjoy!

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© TheCity.Works

TheCity.Works (🇦🇹)
Based in the heart of Vienna, TheCity.Works is not your average souvenirs brand. Founded by the dynamic duo, Sylvia Moritz and Rowan Ottesen, they're on a mission to turn memories into art.
With their intricately designed products, they capture the heartbeat of cities, making every piece a journey in itself. It's like taking a mini-vacation every time you glance at their creations! All designed in-house and crafted within the European Union.

© Forestis

Forestis (🇮🇹, South Tyrol)
Okay, this is the kind of spot you brag about to your friends! Haven’t been there yet, but it’s been on top of my local hotel wishlist for quite some time now. They charged their brand with a lot more attributes than just a hideaway; it's a love letter to nature with views straight out of a postcard! And their spa is inspired by ancient Celtic wisdom. Who wouldn't want a touch of druid magic while relaxing?

© Håkon Settemsdal

Iris Expedition Dining (🇳🇴)
Ever dreamt of dining in the heart of a fjord? Iris is making waves, quite literally! While it's not yet on the list of the top 50 restaurants, it's got all the makings of the next culinary sensation. Picture this: a floating orb in the mesmerizing Hardangerfjord waters, accessible only by a scenic boat ride from the quaint town of Rosendal. This isn't just a meal; it's a 6-hour 'dining expedition' with only 24 coveted seats. If food was art, Iris would be its gallery.

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