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Your Weekly Dose of European Finds

Hey there!

I’m writing this at 30.000 feet in the air, with Montreal appearing on the horizon in just two short hours.

The FlyNet is more of a FlyNot, but fingers crossed it holds up long enough to send this newsletter your way.

While prepping for the journey, I tripped over some Canadian curiosities that might just star in a special edition of this newsletter.

But before my head gets stuck in the clouds (or the maple trees), let’s land back in Europe with this week’s lineup!

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@ Organic Tools

Obstraupe Silver Fox 04 [🇦🇹]
I’ve been daydreaming of owning a Streuobstwiese, just to have a solid excuse to buy one of these ingenious Obstraupen. A device that gathers and washes fruit simultaneously? Sign me up!


Haapareppu [🇫🇮] 
Delightful wooden puzzles crafted in a quaint Finnish workshop in Joutsa. They may not have a flashy website, but their creations speak volumes. Check out this link to get one from a trusted online retailer.

© Wild & Würzig

Wild & Würzig [🇮🇹] 
Stumbled upon these flavor-packed spices at a local design market here in Lana and they’ve become a favorite. Spice up your life, the South Tyrolean way!

© Maudit Salaud / Lumipod

Lumipod [🇫🇷]
Ever thought of having a small getaway right in nature? Lumipod makes it a bit more doable with their neat, modern cabins. Imagine having one of these in a Streuobstwiese, with just the quiet rustle of leaves around. Simple, but classy.

© Jakob Schenk

WolperDing [🇩🇪] 
Crafted by German artist Jakob Schenk, the versatile WolperDinger are here to add a spark (literally!) to your indoors. These pieces aren't just about holding your plants, but they also cast a warm glow with a built-in lamp. And that's not all – the range offers other modules like book stands and tables to suit your space.

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