From Europe with Love 👀 Schnitzel meets Spaghetti

A Curated Blend of Precision and Pizzazz: Your Weekly European Finds

Hey – it’s Jakob again!

The other day at a workshop by Lake Garda, some coaches introduced me to the Dolce-Vita-Strategy.

Embracing life’s sweetness while facing challenges with a blend of Italian serenity and German discipline, no room for naysayers, and choosing passion over compromise.

It turns out, I’ve been more or less on this ride for the last 37 years without knowing it 🤷‍♂️ Basically a fancy name for enjoying good wine while sorting out life’s to-dos. I digress...

On that note, I’ve curated today’s edition with products that echo this spirited ethos — crafted with passion and zero compromise.

Enjoy the selection!

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© Studio Roof

Studio Roof (🇳🇱)
Our kids love these insects! Dutch Studio Roof cherishes the endless possibilities of paper, crafting cardboard products like masks, birds, and notably, insects. Their creations (colored with plant-based inks) tell tales of nature and fantasy, reflecting a blend of simplicity, beauty, and environmental responsibility. This European brand not only offers a tangible voyage into nature's splendors but also embodies a playful, eco-conscious spirit. (If their products were any more eco-friendly, they'd probably photosynthesize!)

© TheSkateroom

The Skateroom (🇧🇪)
Art Basel this year was an eye-opener, introducing me to the magnetic world of Jean-Michel Basquiat. His artwork seems to be catching on like Warhol's soup cans (and here's an art novice telling you this). Now, imagine street-skating with a replica of a Basquiat masterpiece underfoot (or just hang one on your wall with The Skateroom's Basquiat collection). This Belgian brand doesn't just blend art with skate culture; it kickflips a portion of its revenue into social projects. Your new board is not just a ride, but a step towards positive change, all wrapped in Basquiat’s rebellious spirit!

© Vallon

Vallon (🇸🇪)
Vallon is a brainchild of adventurous Swedish siblings, breathing a fresh, modern life into vintage eyewear designs. The brand's essence lies in its commitment to blending classic aesthetics with today's high-performance functionality, as seen vividly in their Freebirds ski goggles. These goggles tip their hat to the 70s, trading disco balls for Zeiss anti-scratch lenses. They're your passport to a nostalgic ski journey, just without the bell-bottoms boogie!

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